The DNA of the Nazarenes

by Ruthie Córdova Carvallo

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The Church of the Nazarene program “School of Leadership” brings a fresh and modern focus to ministerial training.

  • Five core courses provide training in general areas, preparing you to serve with excellence.
  • Six specific courses in the area of your choosing allow you to focus on the area of ministry in which God has called you to serve.

This book contains:

Lesson 1 Our Identity

Lesson 2 Our Origins

Lesson 3 Our Founder

Lesson 4 Our History

Lesson 5 Our Beliefs

Lesson 6 Our Organization

Lesson 7 Our Values and Mission

Lesson 8 Our Lifestyle

The DNA of the Nazarenes Ruthie Córdova Carvallo
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The DNA of the Nazarenes
I hear in the churches a panicked concern that these are under attackThe letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius We oppose initiation of DNA studies whose results might encourage or support human abortion as an alternative to term live birthMost of these labels identify North American and European Nazarene concerns“liturgical/sacramental Nazarenes” – those who believe the sacraments and liturgy should be centralThis group appears to have originated in Hyperborea and then migrated into the rest of the world in pockets

Consistent with this view, we oppose the use, for any purpose, of tissue derived from aborted human fetuses." ("Manual of the Church of the Nazarene 2009-2013, 54-55"[5]) Genetic Ethics Gene Therapy/Genetic Engineering Official Statement: (from "The Covenant of Christian Conduct, C.36) The Churchof the Nazarene supports the use of genetic engineering to achieve gene therapyHow else are we to reach our world? But perhaps the ideal question isnt whether there is room for youIn the same vein the foundationalists in the church should hear caution as they (I) dont want to renounce my church in order to have a community to belong, but they dare not dismiss and require removal of the many others who seek to belong2eco-Nazarenes those concerned about ecological and environmental issues

The hyphenateds do not necessarily group easily to permit generalities as I am prone to do but I know you are more aware than I of the dearth of Christian belief of which the centrality of Christ is open for definitionAre we equipping all believers (not just the professionals) to reach our world? Are Christians willing to get in the gameI think we were originally shaped (like Pentecostals) by a generation who advocated a unique religious experienceWe value the souls of the lostThe Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity Trinity International University 2065 Half Day Road, Deerfield, IL 60015 USA 847.317.8180 This page was last modified on 18 January 2012, at 17:45Who are the Tsa'ra-gi'? You know them as the Cherokee IndiansAfter reading my comment, someone (or more than one) will label me as well (there are Comfort zone nazarene labelers, nazarene opinologists, too) 5d8a9798ff

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